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About Exactline Tools:

About 30 years ago, Exactline Tools founder, Terry Robideau became serious about restoring and customizing automobiles.  Living in Burbank, Southern California's hot rod and custom car epicenter, he discovered a generally accepted fact that the custom car owners there were not just serious about having "great" cars, they wanted "the very best" cars!  The very best mechanical gear, paint, interior, etc.  However; more importantly, they wanted the very best car bodies.  They wanted car bodies that were exotic and flawless, with perfect contour and straightness.  This set in motion a drive toward greater expectations with all car enthusiasts, making the amount of money spent on cars second to getting absolute perfection in the car body.

Exactline Tools is the extract of decades of honing and perfecting the delivery of that highest expectation for the one and only essential automotive component, it's body.

All of our products are designed to meet the goal of the very best results possible with the greatest ease of use designed right into each product.  If you are just starting out or have decades of experience, you will soon discover just how much control really is at your fingertips.

Exactline Tools takes the "work" out of body work and leaves the "fun" to be done!

The BLADE is the first tool to be introduced by Exactline Tools and is a remarkable new way to create "perfect results" with all car bodies.  Terry has found in his many years experience that the greatest concerns of most customers is that the repair must look "undetectable" when compared with the undamaged side, and that repair must remain beautiful in appearance.  Using The Blade you can expect consistent results everytime.  The work that is accomplished with The Blade is remarkable.  In less than 1 to 2 minutes, shaping and contouring is completed.  Cured repairs look slightly shiny and beautifully shaped and contoured.  This is a new approach to an otherwise lengthy procedure.  We have tested The Blade hundreds of times and understand it's potential to make precision repairs unlike any other tool on the market today!

The classic beauty below sustained some damage in a California earthquake.  The LONG, FLAT roof panel as well as many other body panels were repaired to perfect original condition using The Blade!!  The damage on this car would have
been very difficult to repair using conventional body repair techniques.  THE BLADE REALLY DOES THE JOB!  Perfect results everytime!!

This classic 1959 Mercedes Benz convertible (below) was stripped bare of paint and extensive contouring was performed using The Blade on various panels creating a "show quality" Concours d' Elegance appearance.

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