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"Thank You" to all the folks who have purchased The Blade.  We have been very successful demonstrating and selling this incredibly unique system of shaping bondo at auto swap meets all over the great Pacific Northwest.  We look forward to continually growing and seeing the awesome results all you do-it-yourselfers and auto body techs are having with The Blade.  We will be offering a photo album here on this site so please e-mail us your photos of the cars you have used The Blade on.  We want to spotlight all of your perfect results.  Thanks again!!


Welcome to Exactline Tools, home of The Blade, your "ultimate auto body contouring tool"!

Exactline Tools is proud to introduce an exciting new innovation in auto body repair technology.  The Blade is a precision contouring tool engineered to precisely move and place plastic fillers before they harden.

Using The Blade will revolutionize your old ways of doing body work!   


   *Organizes the shape of plastic fillers to carry the precise contour of the un-damaged
    area over the damaged area.

   *The three different Blades will accurately accomodate CURVED panels as well as flat 

   *Eliminates 80 - 95% of the shaping process.

   *Reduces the use of a variety of course abrasives.

   *Saves more of the OEM finish to be used in the contouring process or to minimize 
     the repair area.  This saves BIG in the paint department.

   *Greatly reduces paint failure by minimizing sand scratches and repair circles.

   *Simplifies and improves the accuracy of the repair process.

   *Turns many damaged body panels you may have replaced in to highly profitable 
     repairs most technicians can do.

The BLADE "takes the work out of body work and leaves the fun to be done"!

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